Me, with a group of gorgeous dancers whose costumes i styled using a shapewear piece.

The world needs another lingerie and style blog like a hole in the head. There are terrific blog resources focusing on the lingerie market with exceptional prowess and insight. So why another?  

Think of this blog as a 'How To' manual for underthings and good dressing. I will not promote specific brands or bras, but rather hope to help shed light on the often mystical experience of bras and foundations. Feeling good and looking good always starts from the inside, both figuratively and literally.

I have been in the business of lingerie sales and manufacturing for nearly twenty five years. Having manufactured my own line of intimate apparel, one of my focuses is the technical design and functionality of lingerie. It does, after all, incorporate the same physics as architecture. My customers are some of the most successful retail operations in the country. It is a combination of my experience and theirs that i hope to impart to you.

Your lingerie is the closest thing to you. That's why it's called intimate apparel. It is where loving yourself begins. Beauty from the inside out.