Anything Goes

by John Festa

'Anything Goes' was first published on Lingerie Briefs 


In olden days, a glimpse of stocking was looked on as something shocking, but now heaven knows, anything goes.


So wrote Cole Porter in 1934.  And it seems ever more appropriate when we  consider the exposed bra trend.


What once was edgy and daring now seems commonplace and thoughtless. Are exposed bra straps and bra bands simply acceptable now?  


Does this trend speak to a woman's owning her sexuality, being comfortable in her skin, flying in the face of convention or simple laziness? 

The answer lies in



It seems that if the exposed bra is a forethought, planned with the final look in mind, it can work. But the part that I am missing, and, ladies, please enlighten me on this: To my eye, It never seems to enhance the end product of dressing.  I have yet to see an outfit look better because the bra was showing. I see it as emblematic of a low taste level. Something young people do. Someone not schooled. An act of rebellion perhaps. Again, show me the flaws in my thinking.

The world has raged against the saggy pants trend, where young men are wearing their jeans below their derrierres, leaving their skivvies on display. There has even been legislation against this in various municipalities. How is exposing your bra different? 

To my mind, the edge of a pretty bra cup exposed in a low neckline is far more daring, confident, 'woman'. A man-tailored shirt with perhaps one too many buttons open or a low neckline on a dress or sweater. This is where the goods are, after all. The goods are the goods, but more interesting than seeing an elastic strap or synthetic fiber band. Embracing your sexuality and freedom does not mean running around in your underwear. It means presenting yourself in a way that graces the world and acknowledges your beauty. In doing so, you acknowledge that the universe is beautiful.

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